E-Scooters Surge: Queenslanders Embrace e-scooters for Savings and Convenience

E-Scooters Surge: Queenslanders Embrace e-scooters for Savings and Convenience banner

Written by RACQ.

In Queensland, there's a noticeable shift towards e-scooters as the preferred mode of transport, driven by a desire to trim household expenses, as revealed by the RACQ’s 2023 Mobility Study. This study highlights a significant increase in the number of people opting for e-scooters to save money, with 43% of respondents citing this as their motivation, a substantial leap from the previous year's 11%.

Furthermore, the study finds the growing appeal of e-scooters as a solution to congestion, with 38% of surveyed individuals expressing a preference for e-scooters over both driving and public transport. Andrew Kirk, RACQ's Principal Technical Researcher, emphasised how these findings reflect Queenslanders' eagerness to explore alternative transportation methods for their daily commutes.

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"With rising interest rates and record high fuel prices, it’s no surprise Queenslanders are subbing out driving for e-scooters as well as other types of active transport," stated Mr. Kirk. "As bike paths and infrastructure improve across the State, active transport is rapidly becoming a convenient and accessible means of getting around."

The study also revealed a notable surge in private e-scooter ownership, signaling not only cost-saving benefits but also time-saving advantages, with 73% of riders reporting weekly usage. However, Mr. Kirk cautioned that alongside this growth in e-scooter usage comes the imperative for riders to adhere to safety regulations and proper riding techniques.

In conclusion, the increasing popularity of e-scooters in Queensland underscores a shifting transportation landscape driven by both financial considerations and a desire for more efficient commuting options. However, alongside this growth, ensuring rider safety and compliance with regulations remains paramount, with ongoing efforts aimed at addressing these concerns and promoting responsible e-scooter usage.

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