Utility Carts

LVTONG Utility Carts

Indooroopilly QLD

The LVTong range of Utility Carts is your perfect workhorse. No matter what you need to carry, we have a solution for you.

Two Seater SWB Utility Cart

If you're in the market for a reliable and versatile utility vehicle, the LVTong Utility Golf Cart is an excellent choice. With its powerful electric motor, this cart can easily transport heavy loads and equipment around your property, making it perfect for landscaping, maintenance, and other industrial applications. The durable construction and rugged design ensure that the LVTong Utility Golf Cart can withstand the toughest environments, and its impressive range means you can get more done with less downtime.

And with warranties that include 5-year coverage for the chassis, 3-year coverage for electrical and mechanical components, and 2-year coverage for batteries, you can have peace of mind that your investment is protected. Don't settle for a subpar utility vehicle - choose the LVTong Utility Golf Cart and get the job done right.

Two Seater SWB Utility Cart

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