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Introducing Benzina Zero – your new delivery sidekick. It's all about being nimble, secure, and dead easy to ride. Oh, and it's electric... Yep, you heard that right. No more petrol headaches. Just plug it into your regular power socket and let the magic happen. No need to hunt down special chargers or waste cash on fuel. 

Let's make your delivery hustle smoother and greener for you and your business. Benzina Zero has your back!

The ultimate delivery vehicle from RRP $4,650

Featuring a range of accessories to make it the ultimate delivery vehicle for you and your business of all
- riders do not require a motorcycle licence in QLD*

+ Removeable LG/Samsung Lithium Battery to charge in-home or outside

+ 7 hour charging 0 – 100% via standard 240v wall socket (like your kitchen appliances)

+ In-built USB Charger for phone charging during travels

+ LED speedometer Display & LED front, rear & directional lights

+ Front & Rear Disc Brakes

+ Keyless Ignition

+ Anti Theft System

*On DUO model only in Queensland

Recharge Anywhere

The duo can be recharged anywhere just like your phone. Plug your duo directly into any wall socket. For added flexibility, the battery is easily removable for direct battery recharging.

LED Speedo & Phone Charger

Stay safe on the roads with lit up speedometre and on top of your game with an inbuilt phone charger to keep your mobile phone topped for GPS navigation.

Night Time Visibility

Featuring front & rear LED lights for safer night time riding and improved visibility to other motorists. Large rear view mirrors to keep you safe and aware of other drivers behind you.

Low centre of gravity & comfortable

The DUO features quality suspension to keep you comfortable on the rough roads and a low centre of gravity for confident handling in any situation.

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