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Revolutionising Queensland Deliveries with Moped Services

A silent revolution is underway in the delivery landscape, spearheaded by the introduction of moped services and many other companies including Domino’s know the fleet benefits of moving to electric. With the aim of enhancing efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, innovative solutions like moped deliveries are also transforming the way mail & packages are transported across towns and communities such as Longreach in Central Queensland - Australia’s first Australia Post Contractor to make the shift to electrify his two-wheel fleet.

"It was the practicality of the Duo design that grabbed my attention first. There is no other scooter on the market that has this level of carrying capacity, far more than any of our previous two-wheelers, and as we are carrying more parcels today, this will streamline our delivery capacity. The Duo is super rugged with no plastic body panels to damage and when we get to end-of-life there is less to recycle.” David Australia Post Contractor

"Benzina Zero has developed a fitting system to allow a simple installation process utilising the existing Australia Post panniers & top box from the current Honda “Postie” bike. This allows Australia Post Contractors to continue to use the proven and tested Australia Post equipment and suppliers. The “Postie” delivery kit includes upgraded folding comfort footrests, a large 53L front basket, a phone holder and USB charger, and the rack adapter mount for the panniers and top box that fits both Duo (50km/h) and Duo+ (65km/h) versions. Letter sorting bags are also able to be mounted to the handlebars." Source: Delivering Mail in Regional Queensland

One of the key advantages of moped deliveries is their cost-effectiveness. With lower operational costs and maintenance requirements (See article: Sustainable transportation options for delivery riders), businesses can streamline their delivery operations while simultaneously reducing expenses. This not only benefits businesses but also translates to potential cost savings for consumers.

Electric Moped Enables Hotter, Fresher Pizza with Zero Emissions

"Brisbane, Qld: Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Domino’s) has announced a new partnership with Benzina Zero after completing successful trials of the Benzina Zero Duo electric moped within a number of stores. The partnership will further enhance Domino’s goal to be the most dominant, sustainable food delivery business delivering from its 900+ stores around Australia and New Zealand." Source: Domino’s Drive Australia’s Most Sustainable Food Delivery

As the demand for efficient and sustainable delivery solutions continues to grow, the role of moped services in Queensland is poised to expand further. With ongoing innovation and investment in this sector, moped deliveries are set to become an integral part of the region's transportation infrastructure, revolutionising the way food, mail and packages are delivered across towns and communities.

In conclusion, the introduction of moped services is reshaping the delivery landscape in Queensland, offering a sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient alternative to traditional delivery methods. Businesses and consumers alike are reaping the benefits of this transformative approach to food and package delivery.

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